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Web Gallery of cut paper artist and night photographer Matt Hill. 


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Blog of night, travel and fine art photographer + cut paper artist Matt Hill | Queens, NY. Join the fun!

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National Parks at Night

Matt Hill


I am so very delighted to share with you a dream that was almost two years in the making. Gabe and I have been talking about launching a program for night photography workshops in national parks, and now it's a reality.

There are five instructors: Gabriel Biderman, Lance Keimig, Tim Cooper, Chris Nicholson and myself. We are teaching one workshop only at each location. So please join us! In th meantime, here is a little story about how I fell in love with Arches National Park, and how NPAN was born:

I was on a road trip with my best friend and one of our stops was Moab and specifically Arches. I had, of course, seen the photos others had made. I had imagined the ones I could take. And I was excited.

We rolled in in late afternoon, checked in and drove straight into the park. It was sunset, and we wanted to see a few choice locations and scout for potential night photography.

At sunset, the red rocks glow; they almost vibrate with color. I was a passenger, and glad of it. My neck was whipping from side to side, and I was mentally noting every location I wanted to document by the light of the full moon later.

Did I mention it was January?

Having seen enough roadside attractions, we stopped at the base of the viewpoint for Delicate Arch. seeing it for the first time allowed for contemplation of scale. I knew that a person in juxtaposition to that stone semicircle was minuscule, and it looked small from the roadside. We decided to hike up in magic hour.

The snowy and icy approach was treacherous. But the opportunity to see Delicate Arch from above with daylight-bright moonlight behind it was magical. It was also quite cold, so we spent 1/2 hour up there making some long exposures – all the while mesmerized by the geological wonder in front of us.

Descending by flashlight and moonlight, we chatted excitedly about what we had seen, agreeing that more people should see it by moonlight. I filed that one away and immediately started thinking about bringing other lovers of night photography to Arches for a similar experience.

We did more roadside shooting that evening. The snow, moonlight and clear, bright skies erased any concerns I had for the cold weather. I was in the midst of being totally present in one of the most beautiful spaces I had ever seen.

We are only teaching at Arches National Park once. We hope you join us!

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Woodlawn Cemetery Night Photography Workshop 2014

Matt Hill

Woodlawn Cemetery is a 400-acre outdoor museum with an unrivaled collection of monuments, over 1300 significant mausoleums, which were designed by legendary architects, landscape designers, and sculptors. You will be transported in time as you walk the grounds and take in Art Nouveau, Egyptian, Greek, and Romanesque Revival architecture styles.

Since it’s inception in 1863, Woodlawn has become one of New York City’s irreplaceable treasures and was designated a National Historic Landmark in 2011.

And now you have an opportunity to capture this magnificent place at night. Matt Hill and I are offering a two-night workshop on November 14th-15th. There will be no moon while we are shooting, so this is a great workshop to hone your light painting skills. We will have access to go inside several grand mausoleums, illuminate beautiful stain glass, and get lots of hands on training from Matt and I.

You can choose to shoot just one night – or if you take both you will be able to get feedback on your work at the critique on Saturday.   We also feel that by shooting on consecutive nights you will become more proficient with your night photography skills as well as explore more of this amazing location.

Tuition, per night$150 

Date: Friday November 14th from 4pm-11pm and Saturday November 15th from 2pm – 11pm
Instructors: Gabriel Biderman and Matt Hill
Where: Woodlawn Cemetery, Jerome Avenue Entrance, Bronx, NY 
Required Gear: (Film or Digital): camera, tripod, and cable release. A full gear guide will be sent to you upon registration.

The above photos were taken by Matt and Gabe from previous workshops at the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery.

The below images are examples from the Woodlawn Cemetery and taken by workshop coordinator Peter Nagy.

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ADC School of Craft: Creating Mixed Media Masterpieces

Matt Hill

I am late announcing this, but I am truly delighted to be featured among the first twelve Art Directors Club members to be featured in their new SCHOOL OF CRAFT created in conjunction with Skillfeed.

I spent a half day with the film crew from the ADC making an educational film titled, "Creating Mixed Media Masterpieces." 

Course Description: Apply your creativity with someone else’s, and you will both do something better together.” Matt Hill is passionate about fusing all his passions, effectively creating his own mashup masterpiece. In this course, Matt shows us how to combine long-exposure night photography, cut paper art and barely-clothed models to create an incredible project that he calls “Night Paper."

Skillfeed requires a subscription, but you can watch my video and anything else on Skillfeed during a 30 day trial. If you use this link, then Skillfeed knows that I sent you and it helps me greatly :-)

Thanks for checking me out. I hope you enjoy the video, and those from other ADC members and Young Guns.

Below is a gallery of images from the shoot. Not all made the video, so enjoy! Deepest thanks to my Production Manager Mabel, plus Gymnos Aliithea and Sincerely Yours for being both photographic and video stars. Also lots of thanks to Margina Dennis for handling our hair and makeup. You are a star, and we appreciate you. 

Thanks for reading! Check me out on Twitter @MattHill and Facebook