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Web Gallery of cut paper artist and night photographer Matt Hill. 


Matt Hill's Cut Paper Art Process Explained

Matt describes this as the art of subtraction and reveals the origin, process and some BTS time-lapse videos. Watch now.

What is Cut Paper Art?

I really can't describe it directly. It's something that makes me happy. So perhaps this video will help you understand it a bit before reading more.


My process for creating 2D cut paper art is simple. I choose a paper that holds a good edge, grab my knife and begin subtracting shapes from the paper. As I cut more, they start relating to each other and sometimes, not always, I begin to deliberately develop a theme. But I never have a particular idea in mind when I begin. At all times, I focus on enjoying the process of living in the present and pushing aside all other concerns. The net result is a freedom of creation without judgement or concern for the final product. I create simply to enjoy what I am doing at the moment.

Lately I am making paper fashions for the NIGHT PAPER project. This requires a little more thought, specifically about how the paper will interact with the body. But the same process I describe above is applied in not being specific about anything else.

Below is an early time-lapse creating a 2D paper art piece.