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Web Gallery of cut paper artist and night photographer Matt Hill. 


Blog - thoughts, travels, insights and meanderings

Blog of night, travel and fine art photographer + cut paper artist Matt Hill | Queens, NY. Join the fun!

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Baron Dreamcatcher + Badass Backpacks = Kickass Collaboration

Matt Hill

So my friend and fellow altMBA alumni Adam Lemmon has a dream: create connections through conversations via his collaborative art project Badass Backpacks.

A brief glimpse into Adam's prolific mind...

A brief glimpse into Adam's prolific mind...

We make art-inspired bags that are ready for adventure. Badass Backpacks believes that your backpack can be more than just a backpack. We believe that it can be expressive and thought provoking. We believe that it can be a companion on your journey; that it can remind you to ask big questions, and it can remind you to put yourself inside each step of the way.

We seek to build bridges – connected experiences and products worthy of starting a conversation – helping our community find more ways to tell their stories. And giving them a bag for that journey. We are based in Austin, TX and all of our bags are crafted with love, made right here in the USA.
— Adam Lemmon

See why he is awesome, right? 

He chose Baron Dreamcatcher, The Fire Beneath and  from among all my cut paper artworks to feature as part of his Custom 20, now on debut in Austin, TX during the EAST Austin Studio Tour Nov. 11-2 and Nov 18-19. I'm honored to be among a diverse group of artists chosen for this project. (Thanks, Adam!) And here is the resulting bag:

I had so much fun sharing the possibility of a new imagining of my humble little art with someone so eager and dedicated to make his vision come alive, redefine it, and combat the lizard brain. Every Zoom chat we had stoked my excitement. Heck, it's hard not to be excited around Adam–his enthusiasm is contagious.

Read Adam's account of our collaboration here. You'll soon figure out why he and I work so well together :-)

Right now it's a very limited edition of three. Your chance to grab the one for sale is this weekend in Austin. Or contact Adam via the links below.

There will be more, and when details are available, we'll let you know! Thanks so much for being you, Adam. 

Make friends with Badass Backpacks:

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Night Paper #7: Heather Whatever in a Snowy Brooklyn Backyard

Matt Hill

I am delighted to present that latest installment in the NIGHT PAPER series. A good friend of ours offered his backyard in Brooklyn as a place to have a shoot. LIttle did we know that when we scheduled the shoot, it would be the day after WINTER STORM NEMO (ominous drumroll and peals of thundersnow).

I was happy, since I envisioned at least one snow shoot in the series. Fortunately, our brave soul, Heather Whatever, agreed that a snow shoot was a great idea!

For this project, I made a timelapse while cutting Heather's cut paper fashion. Here it is for your viewing enjoyment:

And now for my favorite images from this shoot:

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Night Paper #4 - Dumbo (NSFW)

Matt Hill


This next shoot involves a second night of shooting with Gymnos Alitheia. Originally, we were scheduled to do this on the heels of the Long Island City shoot, but he was feeling under the weather, so we postponed. Luckily, we encountered a street fair! (grin).









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Night Paper #3: Rainy Rooftop in Williamsburg (NSFW)

Matt Hill


Last Friday evening, I completed my third shoot in the Night Paper series. Deepest thanks go to the very courageous models who braved the high-60′s temperatures post-rainstorm atop the 11th floor of a building in south Williamsburg. One was Clara Coquette, a fantastic and talented local burlesque dancer and the other wishes to remain anonymous. You were both amazing, and I thank you. Also big thanks go to my assistant and girlfriend, Mabel, for making many important details happen effortlessly. Mwah!

Here are some favorites from the shoot. More after the jump!

Here are test shots from the fitting:


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