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Web Gallery of cut paper artist and night photographer Matt Hill. 


I am so stoked to be chosen for the altMBA program

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Blog of night, travel and fine art photographer + cut paper artist Matt Hill | Queens, NY. Join the fun!

I am so stoked to be chosen for the altMBA program

Matt Hill

A few weeks ago, I stumbled across Seth Godin's altMBA program while seeing what Seth has been up to lately on his website.

I was a) shocked that I had not heard about it when launched earlier in 2015 and b) immediately wanted to be part of this experience. They had me after three paragraphs. Seriously.

So, I read about the commitment, the possibilities, and then consulted my wife. Well, it's a solid 30-day commitment and I will be immersed in day work plus this for neigh on a month. She practically pushed me back to the computer and said, "go for it! They made it for you."

Well, apparently, the team that chose the lucky 100 people for the third altMBA session agreed with Mabel. I got in. And I really can't wait for early January to come. I'm ready to collaborate, iterate and ship it. For my friends in the photo industry, this is like getting chosen for Barnstorm. I am humbled, but feel empowered. I am ready.

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