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Night Paper #8: Falana Fox on the 56th Floor in Manhattan

Matt Hill

My favorite image from the shoot

We were fortunate to borrow a little time in a beautiful apartment space near 30th St in Manhattan, all the way up on the 56th floor, facing downtown.

The scouting photo where the Freedom Tower was unobscured by clouds.

During our scouting mission, the sky was clear and a gorgeous view of the near-finished Freedom Tower was occupying the view at the foot of the wedge of Manhattan Island.

Last night, however, the weather was a mix of drizzle, low clouds rain and sometimes not rain. I do like shooting night photography in adverse weather simply because I like the challenge of making something beautiful out of what people typically call "shitty weather" (grin). Clouds and water make for great movement and reflections.

So we set the lights, metere, put aside two film cameras for later in the shoot and were ready for our beautiful model, Falana Fox, who is also a burlesque performer in NYC.

Here are the rest from the shoot. It was very hard to choose just these:

Test Shots rule.

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