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51-42 30th Ave
NY, 11377
United States


Web Gallery of cut paper artist and night photographer Matt Hill. 



Peculiar night photography and cut paper art by Matt Hill. Featuring the ground-breaking and surreal NIGHT PAPER project.


night paper

a surreal combination of handmade paper fashions and long exposure photography

Leave your inhibitions behind.

night photography

For over 20 years, Matt Hill has explored the darker side of photography, shooting in the absence of daylight and seeking beauty in the dilation of time.


cut paper art

The art of subtraction without retraction from once-living tissue made pulp. Unplanned and nonjudgmental, always delighted.


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Upcoming Events and Workshops

Sat/Sun, August 23-24 - 4pm - 10am 
Bannerman Island Night Photography Workshop with Gabriel Biderman
Register with Gabriel Biderman at

Wed, Oct 15 - 6pm - 2am
Equinox Night Photo Shoot at North Gate (Hudson Valley)
details to come

Sat/Sun November 8 & 9th (2 nights) - 4pm -11pm
Sleepy Hollow Cemetery Night Photography
details to come


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